​​Welcome to the gallery

Odile Cadiot has been a teaching practice since 2015 and we have a range of people working here, from beginners to budding professionals. Check out the class gallery below to see some of the things students can make here.

Odile also makes and develops designs at the studio and will be selling some items online from late 2019 - take a look at the portfolio below to see some examples of her work from the last 5 years. 

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​​  Class Gallery
  1. Claire's dish
    Claire's dish
    Thrown on the wheel and decorated with majolica glazes.
  2. Meriel's bowl
    Meriel's bowl
    Thrown on the wheel and glazed in nude with bronze splatters.
  3. Abi's vase
    Abi's vase
    Slabbed & decorated with slip transfers.
  4. Beginner's pear
    Beginner's pear
    A simple pinch pot with matte glazes and slips.
  5. Sarah's dish
    Sarah's dish
    Wheel thrown in white stoneware with slip & sgraffito decoration.
  6. Meriel's platter
    Meriel's platter
    Slabbed & hand moulded with marbled slip decoration.
  7. Lai's dish
    Lai's dish
    Thrown on the wheel & decorated with resist and majolica techniques.
  8. Lucy's saucer
    Lucy's saucer
    Thrown on the wheel and double dipped in contrasting glazes.
  9. Sarah's vase
    Sarah's vase
    Thrown on the wheel & layered with glaze.
  10. Sarah's dish
    Sarah's dish
    Thrown on the wheel in white stoneware, incised and sponge glazed.
  11. Baudina's dish
    Baudina's dish
    Thrown on the wheel in white stoneware and illustrated in underglaze pencil.
  12. Helen's platter
    Helen's platter
    Slabbed white stoneware with slip and underglaze pencil decoration.
  13. Meriel's fruit bowl
    Meriel's fruit bowl
    Coiled and decorated with volcanic glaze.
  14. Ann's plates
    Ann's plates
    Slabbed & hand formed porcelain with brushed oxide accents.
  15. Laura's bottle
    Laura's bottle
    Thrown on the wheel in white stoneware and inlaid with blue slip.
  16. Julia's dish
    Julia's dish
    Thrown on the wheel in toasty stoneware and decorated with majolica glazes.
​​  Odile's portfolio
  1. Glacier dish
    Glacier dish
    Thrown porcelain with one of Odile's crystalline glazes.
  2. Crystalline vase
    Crystalline vase
    Thrown porcelain with delicate crystal fronds growing through the glaze.
  3. Damask rose
    Damask rose
    Delicately folded tear drop vases in fine, inlaid porcelain.
  4. Trio study
    Trio study
    An essay in sculpted and altered wheel-thrown bottle forms.